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The beginning of the Bronze Age needs to be distinguished according to the territory in which we will find ourselves. In Central Europe we can talk about its "start" around the year 2000 BC. Even here, however, it depends on the amount of raw material available in the area. Nor should we overlook the end of the Eneolithic, when in many territories we can talk about a separate copper age. If we stick only to today's territory of our republic, we can talk about:

Early Bronze Age - (2200 - 2000/1950 BC)
Middle Bronze Age - (2000/1950 - 1400/1300 BC)
Younger Bronze Age - (1400/1300 - 1050/1020 BC)
Late Bronze Age - (1050/1020 - 800/750 BC)

The individual periods are then further divided into stages.

The extension of bronze to all areas of life is typical for the Bronze Age. From luxury jewelry to daily necessities such as axes, sickles, etc. The Bronze Age ends around 800 BC and passes freely into the Iron Age.

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