20. 2. 1411 Calendary

20.2.1411 - Jošt Lucemburský was buried

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Jost LucemburskýHe was one of the most able politicians, and was even elected king of Rome. He is also described in historical sources as a very ambitious man who changed his mind as he saw fit. Jošt Lucemburský (Moravian) died at Špilberk and was buried on 20 February 1411 in the Church of St. Thomas.

He was born in 1354. His father was the brother of the famous Charles IV, namely the Moravian margrave Jan Henry. His mother was Margaret of Opava. It was with his uncle that Jošt participated in various diplomatic negotiations as a ten-year-old boy, gradually acquiring skills worthy of a ruler. In 1375, he took over the economically stable Moravia from his father, who also gradually initiated him into the duties of a ruler. However, he was not alone in his rule, having to share it with two younger Moravian margraves, which caused protracted wars.

But Jošt proved to be a skilful politician and his influence extended far beyond Moravia. In 1383 Wenceslaus IV appointed him vicar-general of the empire for Italy. He thus became the king's representative in the Italian imperial states, which strengthened Jošt's power. But his ambitions were far from fulfilled. His subsequent actions had a significant impact on events throughout central Europe, and his policies led him to become head of the Holy Roman Empire in October 1410. Surprisingly, he defeated his cousin, King Sigismund of Hungary. However, Jošt did not enjoy his crown for long, as he died four months after his election.

"According to the old chroniclers, he was taller than average, very cunning, greedy, avaricious and ambitious. At the same time, however, they gave him the reputation of being the most unlearned prince of his age and a great lover of books. For example, Master Jan Hus procured for him a translation of one of the writings of the English religious reformer John Wycliffe," writes Jan Bauer in his book Women of the House of Luxembourg.

Jošt Lucemburský married twice. The first time to the daughter of the Duke of Opole, Vladislav, whose name was Elisabeth. The second time to Agnes, who was the daughter of another Duke of Opole, Bolek. Apparently, Jošt was infertile like his cousin Wenceslas IV. Both marriages remained childless. Jošt died unexpectedly on 18 January 1411 at the Špilberk Castle. According to some theories, he was poisoned like his cousin Jan Zhořelecký. Jošt did not live to see his coronation as King of Rome, which may have been the reason for his murder.

"It was said that he was given poison in gruel, and the unfortunate man who was accused of the crime was then in...was tortured and quartered alive in the presence of many royal purgatories and messengers from Bohemian towns. However, more definite and detailed accounts of the sudden death have not been preserved for posterity. One thing is certain, the last Moravian Luxemburg died in Jošt," Bauer stated.

Jost Lucembusrký


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