3.5.2020 The sword of a Celtic warrior

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A sword of a Celtic warrior, discovered two years ago by archaeologists using a metal detector near the settlement of Hradiště in the Chrudim region, had been lying underground for over 2,000 years. The weapon was approximately one metre long.

The archaeologists kept the discovery of the sword secret for a long time so that they could properly investigate the site. The weapon was discovered in Česke Lhotice near Pardubice, in the area where an oppidum was located in the distant past. The weapon dates back to the Latin Age. It's about 2,000 years old.

Archaeologists found the rare artefact after a systematic survey in 2020. They searched the site using metal detectors. The discovery was commented two years ago by David Vích, archaeologist at the Regional Museum in Vysoké Mýto. He said that they found a whole collection of iron weapons in the mentioned locality.

"Specifically, arrowheads, construction fittings, parts of clasps and other things. The discovery of the sword was a big surprise. The entire blade and the hilt attachment cut were preserved," revealed the archaeologist, who also commented on the discovery of 461 coins from the Thirty Years' War, for example.

We wrote about the treasure discovered in 2017 here:


According to archaeologists, the sword found in the Chrudim region dates back to the period between the 2nd and 1st century BC. Experts can only speculate about how the sword got to the site and what it symbolized. However, given its age, it could not have been part of the burial equipment.

"At that time, it was not buried in a way that would have left archaeological traces. The discovery of the sword in Hradiště is unique in that it dates from the late Celtic period, the late Late Late Iron Age, that is, the second and first centuries BC," Vích noted.

The hilt of the sword is believed to have been made of leather or wood, but has not been preserved. The discovery of the weapon on the site of the oppidum is one of the most exceptional. There was a lot of trade in the area. This is suggested by the more luxurious objects found here in the past.

The Hradiště and Český Lhotice are among the best preserved oppida in the Czech Republic. Its triple defensive ramparts have been preserved and cannot be overlooked in the local forest. The oppidum was located at an altitude of about 450 metres.

Sources: https://ct24.ceskatelevize.cz/, www.rozhlas.cz, www.denik.cz

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