Probe Detech Ultimate pro Garrett Ace Apex

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For all you fans of the yellow GarrettAce Apex, here's some good news. Detech's Ultimate probes have finally arrived. The probes look really good and the orange bottom cap is literally hilarious, it matches the electronics box of the detector beautifully. Even though the probe also contains part of the electronics, (unlike all the other Ultimate coils) they managed to keep the price under 5000 kc, which we really welcome.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to do any more extensive tests now. Still, even with just an air test, the coil shows a significant increase in range over a standard probe. This is even for targets slightly below the 2h RU size, where it was not entirely expected. For targets above 2h RU, 1 Kčs and larger, the increase is really significant and Apex owners have a lot to look forward to!

Link to the LP coil: Probe Detech Ultimate for Garrett Ace Apex

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