The most beautiful find of April 2024 - qualification

Categories: Finds and rescue research in the Czech Republic , Treasure Hunters and Archeo Treasure Hunters 2010 events

The finds for the month of April are so incredible that finding the top 5 is basically impossible. Within a minute I had ten and we were almost thinking of upping the number of suggestions to ten for this month. In the end, we left it as it is. So I wish everyone a good hand in choosing.

As always, we'd like to ask everyone on LP to suggest their Top 5 and add it in the text discussion below the article. Then we will draw a new owner from all those who take the time to post their TOP 5.Mars Pinpointer.

Qualifying will end on Sunday 6.5.2024 at 9:00 a.m.

TOP 5 by Elmara


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TOP 5 Abasso

pět Makoves:

Trochu větší zip... I. místo... |
Detail nalezeného předmětu – Trochu větší zip... I. místo....

Díky všem za návrhy, jde se počítat :)

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