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CScope CS1MX metal detector


The C-Scope CS1MX is probably the cheapest gold special on the market. The detector operates at 17kHz and is a new model for 2019.

CS2MX metal detector

In stock 9 pcs

New outdoor metal detector with a price under 10,000 CZK !!!

CScope C.S3MXi Pro metal detector

In stock 5 pcs

Attention!! An event is underway with the new C.Scope C.S3MXi Pro metal detector C.Scope Take advantage of the great offer for the 40th anniversary of the company's founding. Lots of presents.

C.Scope CS4MXi metal detector

In stock 2 pcs

The new CS4MXi metal detector, the successor to the legendary CS5MX. High performance, accurate GB and great separation with reach.

C.Scope CS6MXi metal detector

In stock 4 pcs

A completely new detector from the new line of C.Scope detectors for 2014, the development of which took almost 4 years.

Metal detector C.Scope CS4MXi depth set

Last item in stock

Depth set of the new C.Scope CS4MXi metal detector

Metal detector C.Scope CS6MXi depth set

In stock 3 pcs

Depth set of the most interesting detector that came on the market this year.

Metal detector C.Scope CS4MXi pinpointer set

In stock 2 pcs

Action set of metal detector C.Scope CS4MXi and pinpointer Mars

Metal detector C.Scope CS6MXi pinpointer set

In stock 2 pcs

Flagship C.Scope CS6MXi in discounted set with Mars tracker

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