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Metal detector Fisher Gemini - 3

In stock 2 pcs

A new version of the Gemenini special metal detector, designed to detect large objects at extreme depths with a new digital evaluation.

Fisher FPID 2100 detector

In stock 2 pcs

The Fisher FPID 2100 ferromagnetic detector / locator offers a patented TID ™ identification system, which is designed to save you time from digging unnecessary excavations, especially on hard surfaces.

Water leak detectors Fisher XLT-100

In stock 2 pcs

The Fisher XLT-100 water leak detector is a brand new device from Fisher. The detector combines the technology of Fisher-lab. and high reliability.

Fisher FML-3 detector

In stock 2 pcs

Robust and waterproof locator designed for the toughest work in the industry.

Fisher XLT Liquid Leak Detector 17

In stock 2 pcs

The Fisher XLT17 Leak Detector finds leaks in four easy steps. It electronically amplifies the sound of the leak, selectively removes other sounds and disturbances and guides the operator to the source of the leak.

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