Magnetometers and metal detectors

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Metal detector C.Scope CS880

In stock 2 pcs

The C.Scope CS 880 is a professional metal detector designed for companies in the earthmoving or water industry.

C.Scope M-SCAN magnetometer

In stock 3 pcs

The C.Scope M-SCAN magnetometer detects ferromagnetic fields of objects such as shafts, septic tanks, valves, cast iron pipes. Detects all magnetic metals at a much greater depth than conventional metal detectors.

Fisher FPID 2100 detector

In stock 2 pcs

The Fisher FPID 2100 ferromagnetic detector / locator offers a patented TID ™ identification system, which is designed to save you time from digging unnecessary excavations, especially on hard surfaces.

Fisher FML-3 detector

In stock 2 pcs

Robust and waterproof locator designed for the toughest work in the industry.

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