Security detectors

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Through gate Ebinger SC 900 TS-WS


Version of one of the best pass-through gates on the market in outdoor design.

Ebinger SC 900 TS gateway


CS900 TS gateway with the possibility of identifying the size of the target, simple operation and 20 levels of sensitivity settings.

Ebinger SC 900 Ebinger through gate


The SC 900 Ebinger through gate is the cheapest from the model line of the German company Ebinger . However, the parameters are easily surpassed by a number of competing devices.

Ebinger SC 61 Z safety metal detector

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Security locator designed to search for the smallest targets. Use in forensic sciences, healthcare, jewelry industry, etc.

Ebinger SC 61 safety metal detector

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One of the most popular and best handheld detectors today used by many security forces.

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