C.Scope SGV4 signal generator

The new SGV4 signal generator is an important addition to the DXL4 utility network locator. By using a generator, you can significantly refine and improve your work. Especially when searching for weak signals.

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The new SGV4 signal generator is an important addition to the DXL4 utility network locator. By using a generator, you can significantly refine and improve your work . Especially when searching for weak signals, the use of a generator is very important. The generator transmits a combined frequency of 33 kHz and 131 kHz, which greatly increases the likelihood that you will not miss any network.

The new range of SGA4 and SGV4 generators sets a new high standard in the industry. It uses all the original C.Sccope technology and adds a number of new ones. This also applies to functions that now allow operators to work even easier and more accurately.

The new range of SGA4 and SGV4 generators can transmit signals to deeper and less detectable pipes and wires. Tracing can be done over longer distances and you have the option of power regulation. Both generators offer both continuous and intermittent signal output for clearer discrimination and easier monitoring.


As with all C.Scope locators, there is no need to perform any regular calibrations.

Technical description

  • Power: SGA4 / SGV4 1 W with adjustable level
  • New dual operating frequencies 33kHz and 131 kHz
  • Pulse or continuous signal output

Three uses:

  • Direct connection - using wires (included in the delivery of the generator)
  • Inductive - the generator transmits a signal and by placing it on or above the searched network, the signal itself is transmitted.
  • Using induction clamps - used mainly for electrical conductors

LCD, performance, design and warranty

  • High resolution Liquid Crystal Display (SGV4 only). The SGV4 has a large, clear and easy-to-read backlit LCD display mounted under protective polycarbonate lenses. The display clearly shows all functions, information about the set power and battery status.
  • SGA4 and SGV4 have a three-year warranty
  • Power: SGA4 / SGV4 have the same power of 1W, this provides good features for long-term network monitoring and at the same time no interference. The SGA model has two options for setting the power level "high and low". With the SGV2, which is additionally equipped with a clear LCD, the level can be set in four steps.
  • Speaker: SG4 / SGV4 have a clear audio signal output. There is also a lower level setting in places where you could disturb someone.
  • Audio output: SGA4 / SGV4 offer a choice of two types of outputs, pulse or continuous. The pulse output allows the operator to orient himself better in places with high interference and the continuous one is more pleasant for longer tracing.
  • Accessories: both SGA4 / SGV4 generators have a detachable box with accessories in their lower part, which are connecting wires, magnets, ground pin and earth extension wire.
  • Construction: The construction of C.Scope generators is robust and very durable. During the development, it is expected that the generator will move in a dusty building environment and the generators have IP 65 protection against the ingress of dust and water.
  • Calibration: SGA4 and SGV4 do not require regular re-calibrations, which helps reduce operating costs.
  • Service: C.Scope uses only its own certified service partners. For the Czech and Slovak Republics, it is Marek Mlejnský, production, service and sale of metal detectors.

Weight, dimensions and recommended operating temperatures

  • Dimensions: 360 x 180 x 230 mm
  • Weight: 3.4 kg incl. accessories. 2.0 kg Unit only.
  • Powered by 4 x D (LR20) alkaline batteries. Endurance approx. 30 hours of work at a temperature of 20 ° C. Always use only quality articles!
  • Recommended temperature range for work: - 20 º C to +50 º C
  • IP protection: IP65

Certificates: CE, EN300-330, EN301-489

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