Coil Nel Tornado for Minelab X-Terra 2F

New dual-frequency probe operating at 7.5kHz and 18.75 kHz

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Tornado is the most famous coil from Neel. Find coins, treasures and artifacts in military battles and in any soil conditions. Now with the possibility of frequency switching. Frequency switching allows you to optimally set the metal detector for different search conditions. The spool is unusually light for its size and robustness of construction (560 g). This makes all-day work easier.

Metal detectors and probes Nel

Searching with slower movement will maximize its ability to find not only large and medium-sized targets, but especially small ones weighing less than one gram. The probe adds at a range of 25% (compared to a standard 10 "coil). Recommended as a replacement for a standard coil. The coil is waterproof, the body is filled with epoxy resin, and has a black protective layer used to protect seagoing ships. Coil handles excellently high and medium soil salinity Recommended for professionals and amateurs!

NEL Tornado for Minelab X-Terra with three operating frequencies 7.5 kHz and 18.75 kHz

You can download the catalog by double-clicking on the image or on the link Catalog of NEL probes . Alternatively, you can look at the Nel Probe section in the treasure hunter's e-shop.

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