Whites Spectra VX3 metal detector

The new Whites Spectra VX3 metal detector based on the Spectra V3i

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White´s Spectra VX3 metal detector

The brand new Whites metal detector is called the Spectra VX3. To some extent, the model replaces the DFX and XLT detectors. Although they still remain in the pordeji, but it is only a sale of stocks. Like the DFX and XLT, the Spectra VX3 uses a proven 9.5 inch concentric probe as a base probe.

The detector takes over a number of features from the Spectra V3i, you can choose from 8 preset programs: coins, jewelry, Hi-Pro, etc. The detector works on three frequencies. These can be set separately or used as a multi-frequency detector. Just like the V3i, you'll find the VX3 SpectraGraph for maximum evaluation accuracy. The detector is also equipped with a wireless module to use Spectrasound headphones.

Detector menu Detector menu

For the detector, you can influence the settings: work programs, sensitivity, audio, discrimination, working frequency, ground balance settings and other filters. The device is powered by 8 AA batteries with a life of approximately 10 hours.

Spectra VX3 metal detector

Technical specifications

Operating mode: VLF
Frequency: 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz, 22.5kHz
Ground balance adjustment: from ferrite to salt
Programs: 8, all modifiable
Discrimination segments: 191
Audio modes: 4 - Standard, All Metal, Mixed Mode, Spot
Audio tones: 1 or 191
Audio output: speaker, headphones, wireless headphones
Display: QVGA 320x240 Color, backlit
Weight: 4.3 lbs
Length: adjustable 45 to 52.5 inches
Coil: 950 Eclipse 9.5 ² concentric
Battery: (8) AA alkaline
Battery life: 8-10 hours
Warranty: two years



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