Tesoro Cortes RDS ULTIMATE metal detector

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Usage type Universal, Depth detectors

The detector now comes with two 28x20 cm Tesoro probes and a new 33 cm 2D ULTIMATE, covers for both probes, an instructional DVD and an electronics box cover

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Cortes RDS ULTIMATE push the boundaries of reach!

You will now receive two 28x20 cm 2D RDS Tesoro probes and a new 33 cm 2D ULTIMATE, covers for both probes, an instructional DVD and an electronics box cover.

Tesoro Cortes metal detector

Tesoro in Cortesi combined all the advantages of analog-digital technology. The heart of the detector is a very precise oscillator and discriminator. The detector has a number of unusual features and functions. All are accessible directly from the control panel and are immediately available to you as a user.

What can you expect from Tesoro Cortes:

1. The detector is probably the lightest in its class . Less than 1.5 kg (even with batteries) is really low weight. But it is not redeemed by a weaker construction, on the contrary. Tesoro uses the most modern materials for the construction of the detector. The construction is made of duralumin and composite. The same goes for probes. Every detail of the detector is made with regard to the longest possible durability.

2. The evaluation and speed of the detector is determined by its hybrid design. Cortes has the same signal processing speed as the best analog devices on the market, but at the same time offers you graphic processing of the recorded object under the probe. If you are moving in a location full of waste, you will definitely appreciate the ability to evaluate two signals at once. This is a classic case of objects placed close to each other or places contaminated with iron. As a result, you don't cross even the smallest silver coins (0.25g), which are literally invisible to many detectors.

3. The possibility of precise balancing of the influence of the soil together with the automatic function of mineral rejection allows movement with the detector in virtually all conditions. The detector does not suffer from echoes and the answer is very clear and clear. The great tonal response is only enhanced by a large speaker, which has a very pleasant characteristic.

4. The detector has several worldwide patents and the detector has a number of exceptional functions (SUM - signal counting for accurate evaluation, the ability to identify two signals at once, amplifier weak deep-seated signals, extremely accurate soil balance, etc.).

The Tesoro Cortes detector meets all the criteria to be ranked among the absolute best on the market. In the detector you get a simple and accurate device with an excellent range. If you plan to walk with the detector literally every day and you want the device at the best level, Tesoro Cortes may be the best choice for you. The high processing speed, as with the Tesoro analog detectors, and the evaluation of the signal both on the LCD and in tone using the Sum function really inspires respect.

Cortes thus only confirms that complex menus and dozens of unused functions are not essential when searching, but it is rather expedient to focus on the very essence of searching with a metal detector.

Overview of functions

  • Digital ID displayed on the LCD
  • Combination of analog and digital technology
  • Check two targets on the LCD
  • SUM function for the most accurate destination determination
  • Tone identification of the target (9 tones)
  • Precise discrimination settings
  • Low noise discrimination mode
  • Max Boost weak signal amplifier
  • Very light detector in its class
  • Search mode: All Metal motion and Discrimination mode
  • Headphone jack Jack 6.3 mm
  • Built-in large speaker
  • Adjustable treble strength
  • Detector built for "turn on and go" use
  • Rugged design ( Tesoro uses state-of-the-art carbon fiber materials. All detectors and probes are very light, flexible and durable)
  • Adjustable detector length
  • Three-part construction
  • Backlit LCD in two modes
  • Automatic rejection of minerals
  • 2 options for setting discrimination using so-called NOTCH windows

Technical specifications

  • Operating frequency 10 kHz
  • Weight 1.5 kg
  • Working temperature from -10 to +60
  • Height from 98 cm to 128 cm
  • Power supply 8x1.5 V alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries 8x1.2 V
  • Detector equipped with a new RDS 28x20 cm 2D coil with Kevlar core and Ultimate probe from Detech
  • Warranty: 2 years

Tesoro Cortes metal detector tests, instruction manuals and videos

Tesoro Cortes Metal Detector Test (double tap open)

Video "How to find a Tesoro Cortes metal detector (open by double-tapping)

Tesoro Cortes Metal Detector Instruction Manual (tap to open)

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