Fuji Tecom LD-7 water leak detector

Compact universal water leak detector with easy handling and weight of only 450g.

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Fuji Tecom LD-7 a small compact helper in the search for water leaks

A compact water leak detector designed for one-handed handling weighing only 450 g. It does not unnecessarily exhaust the user, who has to work with it in the field for many hours. The patented characteristic Ball eliminates false signal sources well. A very sensitive sensor gives you a great chance to find an escape in a short time.

Detektor úniku vody Fuji Tecom LD 7Detektor úniku vody Fuji Tecom LD 7Detektor úniku vody Fuji Tecom LD 7


  • The compact amplifier (with sound switch) fits in the palm of the user's hand.
  • Press the sound switch (on / off) to put on the headphones
    activate the water leak sounds and then release the sound switch as you move
    sensor (this protects your hearing!).
  • The device is made for all methods of water leak detection, including surveys
    leakage and leak targeting. For aiming on streets and concrete paving
    use a 3-point ground plate.
  • Use an optional magnetic base or contact rod to investigate leaks at hydrants, valves, or gauges.
  • It is extremely compact and light. The entire LD-7 inside its aluminum portable
    The case only measures 380x160x110 mm, so it is small enough to be
    stored under the seat in the cab of the truck.



Gain: 56.0dB + - 3dB
Power consumption: 20.0mA or less
Frequency type: 100 ~ 1000Hz
Operating temperature: -5 ° C to +55 ° C
Power supply: UM-3 or AA dry batteries (1.5V x2)
Size and weight: 146 mm x 30 mm x 68 mm


Element: piezoelectric element
Sensitivity: 1.00V / g at 400 Hz (maximum)
Size and weight: dia. 76 mm x 49 mm
220 gm


Impedance: 20 ohms (mini-stereo headphones)
(Aluminum carrying case)
Size and weight (solid): 380 mm x 160 mm x 110 mm
2.32 kg full

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