Garrett Ace 150 plus metal detector

The price of the Garrett Ace 150 metal detector includes an instructional DVD in Czech shot by the Treasure Hunter team.

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The price of the Garrett Ace 150 metal detector includes an instructional DVD in Czech shot by the Treasure Hunter team and 4x AA batteries

The detector is equipped with a new reinforced armrest !!!

The Garret Ace 150 metal detector is a simple digital metal detector. Its operation is very easy and thanks to that it is suitable as the first detector. If you don't want to invest too much money and you don't know if looking for a detector will really be fun, this is definitely a good choice.

The ACE series equipped with the 12x9 ACE PROformancese coil reaches the depths of the middle class models. The manufacturer states that the reach will increase by approximately 20 percent. And after many tests it can be believed :).
The 1K RU coin still has a signal in medium mineralized soils in 20 centimeters, which is kicking, which is a very decent result. If your detector is getting deeper, but the signal is constantly changing, it's useless. I have seen many times before that detectors sold a few classes higher are bowed when confronted with a Garrett ACE 150 .

I think that if you want to start and you are not sure if this hobby will really take you to heart (which is basically impossible :)), this detector is exactly for you.

Throughout the production of the Garrett ACE 150/250 series of detectors, rave reviews are constantly appearing on all websites, and in the Czech Republic this detector has won the place of one of the best-selling models.
The ACE, like many other display detectors, responds in real time and, of course, uses tone identification.

Garrett Ace-150 Ace 150 metal detector control box

Features overview:

  • 6.5x9 "PROformance waterproof coil - standard coil for your maximum penetration. All ACE detectors are equipped with this coil.
  • 5 segments of discrimination - simple selective exclusion of metals that do not interest you. No more nails, foil and scrap iron.
  • Tone identification - Three tone identification. Low LOW tones signal iron and its alloys. Medium MEDIUM tones indicate jewelry and relics. High HIGH tones then indicate the wheels. For coin hunters, the sound is always the most beautiful.
  • Depth indicator - measures the depth of the object and determines it in inches
  • Weight - weight 1.2 kg
  • Solid and durable construction - solid and solid construction. No Asian indicator of Earth's magnetism faults made of a tenth of a millimeter of thick plastic.
  • Length - reasonable adaptability and comfortable grip for all height categories. Possibility of layout from 113 to 126 cm.
  • Easy handling - the detector is easily divided into three parts for easy transport, easy operation - it couldn't be easier
  • Readable and large display - displays object values on the display. Everything clearly and in real time!
  • Microprocessor-controlled electronics - increases sensitivity and maximizes the range of your detector.
  • 20 hours search - guaranteed 20 hours search. Power supply of the detector with four 1.5V AA batteries.
  • Battery status indicator - view the status of your batteries.
  • ¼ jack - headphone output.
  • Warranty - two years warranty.
  • If you don't like it, our company offers you an extended warranty period of one year for an additional 10 percent of the price of the detector.
  • Detector operating frequency - 6.5 kHz.
  • Easy coil replacement - the possibility of using other coils from the ACE series (12x9 "; 4.5")

You will receive an instructional DVD and a set of alkaline batteries from us for the detector.



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