Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID

New child metal detector with very comfortable control and display targets on LCD

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Like the older model, the new BH Junior Target ID does not have an armrest, the construction is telescopic. Setting up the detector is really very simple, the device works in fully automatic mode and all you set is the level of discrimination.

The detector weighs 550g, which is a manageable weight for a small child. The probe with which the instrument is mounted has a diameter of 16 cm. The range of the device is not dizzying, but you will not miss the coin at 10 cm. As with all metal detectors, the range of the device increases from the size of the object. A really large object, so it can be detected at a much deeper level.

The detector is designed for children and the adult seeker will not dream of its length due to its length. Although it is a little detector to play, it is a full-featured device. If you decide to buy it for your child, you can be sure that you really buy METAL DETECTOR.

Children's metal detector Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID - display

Key properties

  • 3 categories of targets on the LCD
  • Graphical depth indicator
  • Graphical battery status indicator
  • Compact ergonomic design

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 550g
  • Reel size: 16 cm
  • Energy management: 2x AA batteries
  • designed for children from about 3 to 6 years

Bounty Hunter Junior - original photo of treasure hunter

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