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The new C.Scope MXL4D locator is a high-performance and specially designed to professionally detect, identify and trace specific underground pipes and cables reliably and very accurately. It is tailored to be able to work even in locations with a large number of networks. This is particularly useful for those who want to accurately identify the course of a particular utility between other lines.

MXL4D is packed with new features that allow operators to find all types of utilities faster and deeper. All of the new features are aimed at reducing the possibility of human error.

TheMXL4D locator is driven by a powerful signal processor. Advanced software allows the MXL4D to achieve a level of performance normally only found in surveying instruments. The MXL4 provides improved signal detection sensitivity and better interference suppression, so the locator is able to detect the smallestsignals even in areas with high utility density and large amounts of electromagnetic interference.

The use of the new simultaneous 33 kHz and 131 kHz frequency gives the MXL4D even greater tracking and detection capabilities. The dual signal is ideal for both standard tracing and for detecting the most difficult to identify networks such as sheathed fibre optic conductors. However, the MXL4D also has the ability to use 8 kHz and 512/640Hz frequencies in Generator mode for special tracing.


- Power mode - for finding live conductors
-Radio Mode - basic mode for searching all types of networks
-Generator Mode - Combined 33 kHz and 131 kHz (combined use greatly improves net detection)
-Scan Mode - combines all modes together
-Automatic Interference Suppression - No electromagnetic interference will affect your work
-Dynamic motion sensor
-Automatic daily locator test
- Optional data logging of all locator activities
-Bluetooth™ for high accuracy targeting with GPS (MXL 4 DBG model only)
-High resolution LCD
-Automatic calibration, no setup and no periodic service checks
-Three-year warranty


The MXL4D has four detection modes that you select depending on what and where you want to search. Each mode has its own specific uses and benefits:

POWER mode: it is designed to search for live electrical wires. This mode works based on the mains frequency.
RADIO mode: detects all networks using a very accurate passive coil inside the locator. Electromagnetic radiation is induced on all metallic utility networks. As a result, you are able to locate all such networks up to a depth of 2 meters very accurately.
GENERATOR mode: is used to detect 33kHz and 131 kHz signals fed to the network to be searched using the MXT generator. The combination of high frequency with 33 kHz signal allows excellent detection even of very small diameter wires. The Generator mode is also used when working with C.Scope probes to locate non-metallic pipelines. However, the MXL4 locator is also capable of using two other operating frequencies, 8 kHz and 512/640Hz. The 8 kHz operating frequency is used for long tracing. The extremely low 512/640 Hz operating frequency is used for special searches for the weakest lines.
ALLSCAN mode: detects all frequencies and all signal types. Use this mode to detect unusual signals that may appear in the frequency gaps between conventional Power, Radio and Generator modes and is used primarily for final inspection prior to excavation.

Human error often contributes to the fact that a utility may not have been correctly identified. The new MXL4D locator tries to eliminate all of these possibilities where an operator can make a mistake. The Dynamic swing sensor and daily automatic test feature are used to reduce the possibility of error. The data logging capability can also provide invaluable feedback into your employees' workflows. You'll be able to easily identify their professional shortcomings and address them, perhaps with follow-up additional training.

Accurate signal strength measurement (by measuring the current): with MXL4D you can monitor the actual signal strength! When used together with the MXL4 locator, the MXT4 signal generator can separate the individual networks from each other regardless of their depth of deployment. This feature allows you to separate individual networks that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to identify from each other.

Depth measurement: when using the MXT4 generator, the locator allows you to easily measure the depths of utilities at the touch of a button.

Dynamic Motion Sensor: If the operator appears to be "swaying" the locator too much while working, a warning tone will sound. This will assist you in maintaining proper locating techniques at all times.

Automatic Daily Test ( ADST ). ADST will test the locator every day when it is first turned on, including the receiving antennas. This test can be stored and the operator with the locator is always assured that his instrument is in perfect order and in optimal condition for use.

DATA: MXL4D is available with or without data logging capability. The version that allows data collection will give you a daily record of how the locator has been used. The bus is designed to handle 12 months of operation before the data is overwritten. The data can be stored before overwriting by connecting via USB. The data socket is located in the battery compartment.

DATA LOG TRANSFER via Bluetooth™: The MXL4D data collection has the added convenience of using Bluetooth™ and your phone to locate the networks being searched. C.Scope It offers a free downloadable RELAY App that uses Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity for data logs from CXL for smartphones and tablets. These can then be emailed to your PC for analysis. This provides a very convenient way to instantly transfer data from the locator.

GPS MAPPING via Bluetooth™: With the MXL4D and optional Bluetooth™ installation, you can accurately record your work on Google maps including recording measured depth etc.

DATA LOG ANALYSIS: C.Scope offers a free downloadable XL2 Edition PC Toolkit that allows you to manipulate stored data logs and export them into tables and graphs that illustrate all aspects of use.

LCD: The MXL4D has a large, bright and easy to read backlit LCD display mounted behind a protective polycarbonate lens. The display shows detection mode, peak signal level, signal strength and battery status.

Detachable speaker. The speaker can be attached to the head using a coiled wire.

Robust and durable construction: the MXL4D is robust yet very lightweight. It uses a double wall construction. The locator also meets IP 65 against dust and water ingress.



WARRANTY: MXL4D comes with a three-year warranty.


Factory designation : MXL4D LOCATOR
Variant designations:
- MXL4D Locator - ZXMXL4DCAT (basic data version)
- MXL4 DGB Locator with data logging and Bluetooth™

- 720mm x 280mm x 65mm
- 2.6kg incl. battery . 2.4kg excl. battery
- 8 x " AA ( LR6 ) 40 hours intermittent use at 20°C. Compatible with NiMH rechargeable batteries
Temperature range
- 20 º C to +50 º C
The device is IP65 rated and CE certified

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