Nokta Pointer metal detector NEW

New Nokta pinpointer, highly durable, waterproof and sensitive!

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Carrying case, 2 tracer tip covers, belt holster, finder case, battery

Nokta Pinpointer metal detector

Nokta no longer needs to be introduced to any seeker in recent years doing one hilarious detector after another. Now he comes up with a new pinpointer and it has to be said that he really did.

What everyone interested at first sight is very attractive design and durable construction. In addition, both range and sensitivity immediately rank among the absolute top.

Technical specifications

Nokta pinpointer technical specification Waterproof - You can simply use the Pinpointer on land and under water. It is waterproof according to IP 67

Nokta pinpointer technical specification 360 ° - Allows you to locate your destination quickly and easily. You can also use Pinpointer in a parallel position to search more space

Nokta pinpointer technical specification Adjusting the sensitivity 1 - 10 steps - Use the + and - buttons to adjust the sensitivity for maximum performance in any environment. Enables better detection of nuggets and other small targets.

light on the nokta detector LED - Easily find your destination at night or in poorly lit locations with the powerful built-in LED light to illuminate the place you are looking for.

Audio output of metal detector Nokta Pinpointer Audio output and vibration option - three different target alert options:

  • Audible warning only
  • Vibration only
  • Vibration and acoustic signal

Nokta Inactivity and auto-off signal - If you do not use the Pinpointer for more than five minutes, an audible beep sounds and the LED light flashes. After five minutes, the Pinpointer switches off automatically to save battery power.

Special features

Detector interference Avoiding detector coil interference - When the Pinpointer is off, the coil's magnetic field is interrupted. This eliminates the possibility of interference from other metal detectors while preventing Pinpointer from being detected as a target.

Replaceable tips Interchangeable holder tip - this is something completely new Nokta Pinpointer is supplied with two interchangeable sleeves to prevent wear of the tip. One contains a built-in blade.

Nokta Pinpointer - Harmony excellent waterproof design and precision

Package includes:

  • carrying case Pinpointer
  • fixed case for tip
  • sharp pointed sleeve
  • find pocket
  • belt holster
  • 9V alkaline battery
  • safety cable / safety attachment (optional, not included)

Nokta pinpointer

Nokta Pointer NEW metal detector NEW - waterproof

Catalog of the new metal detector Nokta Pinpointer

Nokta metal detector
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Scope of supply of detector

Nokta pointer - package contents


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