Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro ULTIMATE Metal Detector

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Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro metal detector action set with Detech ULTIMATE depth probe and biaxial 2D probe 28 cm from First Texas

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ULTIMATE spool cover, electronics box cover and instructional DVD in Ref

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Ultimate Metal Detector

You will now receive 2 probes for the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro metal detector. Detech ULTIMATE 33cm 2D and biaxial 28cm 2D from First Texas. In addition, the cover of the electronics box and instructional DVD in Ref.

Land Ranger Pro is currently the highest model of the new Bounty Hunter range. The detector has a number of advanced features, which, despite the low cost, rank it among the middle class detectors rather than for beginners. The detector has a very good range and sensitivity and thanks to the biaxial 2D probe with a diameter of 28 cm , which is used by many other top detectors from First Texas, also very good coverage.

Land Ranger Pro is out of its price range with its equipment and it is definitely worth describing everything that can be set and customized. Advanced features such as V-Brake or ID 2 and Archeology programs, along with fine tuning of the soil effect , will not only bring you greater depth reach and better separation, but also high search comfort.

Processing speed - in comparison with digital metal detectors of its class, it is very difficult to find any device with which it would stand comparison. Detector response to target is fast and without delay.
Range - The range of the detector is very decent regardless of price. Precise soil tune-up contributes to good depth results.
Operation and function - Being a detector in price class up to CZK 8,000, the detector is equipped with an extraordinary feature.
Probe - detector is equipped with a high quality biaxial 2D probe with a size of 28 cm.
Pinpoint - motionless mode will make it easier for beginners to find detected targets.

Land Ranger Pro menu

Sensitivity - default sensitivity setting from 0 to 10.
Volume - adjusts the volume of the detector from 0 to 10.
Disk Level - discriminate by numbers from 0 to 60.
V-Break - a discriminatory function that enables the iron tone to be emphasized (variability) in the discriminant modes, and disc 2 actually determines where the deep iron tone sounds and where the color.
Notch - classic cut-out function allowing to filter out individual ID numbers.

Land Ranger Pro detector programs

The software is really rich and in its price class is unparalleled.

All Metal - standard mode without any discrimination.
A - Archeology; preset detector mode with low iron rejection level.
J - Jewelery; a preset mode for finding jewelry and generally the smallest targets with a low level of iron rejection.
C - Coins; a preset regime with relatively high discrimination for the rejection of iron and waste.
Disc 2 - Two -tone discriminatory, fully adjustable, elongate tone mode for best separation properties.
Disc 3 - 3 -tone discriminatory fully adjustable mode
Disc 4 - 4 -tone discriminatory fully adjustable mode

Soil debugging

Land Ranger Pro has the ability to tune the ground. It's easy to set up, basically just holding down the GB button and pumping over a metal-free soil. The LCD will stabilize the GB number and the debugging is complete.


The detector is basically equipped with a 28 cm biaxial 2D probe, which First Texas uses in a number of its top detectors. The probe is proven and offers a very good ratio between range and excellent separation properties.

Technical specifications

  • 7 adjustable work programs with optional up to 4 tone audio discrimination
  • Precise soil tuning
  • V-Brake - variable adjustment of the waste tone
  • Target resolution using ID numbers ranging from 1 to 99
  • Discrimination by standard conductivity exclusion or NOTCH windows!
  • Biaxial 2D probe 28 cm (waterproof)
  • Non-motion pinpoint tracking mode
  • Sensitivity setting in 10 levels
  • Adjust the volume in 10 levels
  • Operating frequency 7.8 kHz
  • Extremely fast target signal processing, without delay
  • Built-in loudspeaker and possibility to connect headphones with a 6.3 mm jack
  • Very rigid and length adjustable construction, excellent detector balance.
  • Weight only 1 kg including battery
  • Power 1x 9V battery - up to 20 hours of battery life depending on the number of targets and whether you are using headphones
  • Warranty: 2 years

Packing Land Ranger Pro

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