Metal detector Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro ULTIMATE

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Special depth set BH Lone Star Pro ULTIMATE with two probes!

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ULTIMATE probe cover, electronics box cover and instructional DVD

BH Ultimate metal detectors

Lone Star Pro is a new metal detector from Bounty Hunter . The detector is built on the company's completely new hardware and, with regard to its price, is characterized by exceptional properties. These could be summarized in a few points: signal processing speed, excellent depth and great software.

The detector is also very well balanced and in addition has an incredibly low weight, only 1 kg. Identification on the LCD is solved by clear segments and three-tone audio discrimination is very accurate.

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro metal detector

Processing speed - compared to metal detectors of its class, it has no competition. The detector is very fast and accurate.
Range - the fact that it is actually a detector in the lowest class, the range of the detector is not bad at all and can easily be compared with digital detectors with a significantly higher price!
Controls and functions - Due to the fact that it is a detector in the lowest price class up to CZK 4,000, the detector is equipped with extraordinary features.

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro metal detector

Audio discrimination

Three-tone audio discrimination. Ferromagnetic metals (iron) are reported in a deep tone, non-ferrous metal targets are reported in either a medium or high tone, depending on the surface conductivity of the object.


The setting option is really wide. You can either use the classic exclusion from iron targets to objects made of non-ferrous metals, or use the NOTCH function, where it is possible to select individual segments using so-called notches. This function can usually only be found in detectors that are significantly more expensive.

Identification on LCD

Despite its simplicity, the display really offers a lot. The target is identified by 9 segments (groups of objects), but you will also find a target depth indicator, a graph of sensitivity settings (6 levels) and battery status.


The detector is equipped with a 20 cm concentric probe in the basic set. However, the selection of probes is significantly larger and you can use a number of other 2D or concentric probes.

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro metal detector

Technical specifications

  • Three-tone audio discrimination! Deep tone for iron targets and two high tones for non-ferrous metal objects.
  • Differentiation of goals according to the type of subject using 9 segments.
  • Discrimination through standard conductivity exclusion or NOTCH windows!
  • Concentric probe 20 cm (waterproof).
  • Sensitivity adjustment in 6 levels.
  • Operating frequency 7.8 kHz.
  • Extremely fast target signal processing, without delay.
  • Built-in speaker and the ability to connect headphones using a 6.3 mm jack.
  • Very rigid and length-adjustable construction, excellent balance of the detector.
  • Weight only 1 kg including battery.
  • Power supply 1x 9V battery - lasts up to 20 hours depending on the number of targets and whether you use headphones.
  • Warranty: 2 years

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro metal detector package

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