Fisher F22 metal detector

New metal detector in the series replacing Fisher F2 and F4 instruments.

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Fisher F22 is a new metal detector that has a very low weight, is great balance, offers above-average depth range and resolution. Fisher's offer replaces the F2 and F4 models. High-quality and clear LCD display shows the number corresponding to the electromagnetic conductivity of the signaled metal. A total of 5 tones can be set - a low bass tone indicates the presence of iron, a low tone corresponds to materials such as aluminum foil tiny thin objects of gold, silver and bronze, medium signals of alloys as well as most coins. silver, aluminum and copper), variable VCO tone. It also provides information such as approximate depth of the subject, sensitivity level or current battery status.

This model offers 4 search modes and many other features such as pinpointing and depth measurement by simply pressing the “PINPOINT” button to increase the tone intensity as you approach the subject and reach its maximum just above it. Depth in inches is displayed using a digital meter. Equally important is the automatic-manual earth-effect adjustment (GROUND) or selective filtering of unwanted metals on a jump outside the conductivity sequence (NOTCH DISCRIMINATION).

Fisher F22 metal detector

Technical parameters

  • Waterproof design
  • Power supply 2x1,5V AA
  • FE-TONE - adjustable iron tone level
  • 9-segment evaluation on LCD plus numeric ID
  • 4. working modes - (jewelry, coins, artifacts and custom)
  • Special segment for iron identification
  • Pinpoint tracing mode
  • Sensitivity adjustment 1-10
  • Adjusting the Volume 1-20
  • Settings memory
  • 9 ”23 cm triangular concentric elliptical waterproof coil
  • Weight 1kg
  • Operating frequency 7.69 kHz
  • Warranty: 2 years

Fisher F22 metal detector box

Fisher F22 metal detector box

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