Fisher Gold Bug metal detector

Fisher Gold Bug metal detector with 2D probe 13cm

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Gold Bug detector

The new detector works with the technology of continuous transfer of soil and identification information. The device is designed for finding the smallest objects made of non-ferrous metals and of course for finding natural gold.

Fisher has chosen a high working frequency of 19kHz for the Gold Bug and currently you can use 3 types of probes. Basic 13cm 2D , 25cm concentric and 28cm 2D. For general use, the 28cm 2D probe will certainly be the best for you. For the search for natural gold, the manufacturer recommends a 13cm tracking probe.


Metal Detector Fisher Gold Bug Box Electronics


Detector function

  • Two basic working modes: All Metal and Discriminatory
  • Audio - two tones: Low for rejected items, high for received
  • VCO - The instrument uses a controlled oscillator to better estimate the distance and size of an object
  • Headphone input with both small and large jack
  • Operating frequency 19kHz
  • Discrimination: The Fisher Gold Bug discriminator is unconventional. Basically, you use a discriminator to set the level at which unwanted objects are reported to you in a deep tone. For example, if you set the detector to almost non-discriminatory mode in discrimination mode, all targets will be reported to you with the same tone. This setting gives you the ability to accurately respond to site conditions in your audio.
  • The detector can be used in salt water
  • 5 "2D (13cm) waterproof probe
  • Excellent iron separation
  • Suitable for use in highly mineralized soils
  • Processor controlled GB
  • Independent threshold and sensitivity control
  • Fe3O4 graph of the amount of iron oxide in the soil
  • Static search mode - pinpoint
  • Adjustable Gain and Threshold
  • Power 1x battery 9V battery charge 15 hours
  • Detector weight 1.1 Kg
  • Warranty 2 + 3 years.

Fisher Gold Bug metal detector

Recommended for finding the finest targets and gold nuggets!

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