Metal detector Garrett AT PRO International + Pro-Pointer AT

Usage type Underwater, Universal

Garrett AT PRO International metal detector. The price of the detector includes Garrett MS Headphones, Pro-Pointer AT and an instructional DVD in Czech, etc.

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Garrett AT PRO International + Pro-Pointer AT metal detector

Included in the price of the detector: Garrett MS headphones designed for Sea Hunter / Infinium and AT Pro International, instructional DVD in Czech shot by the Treasure Hunter team, Pro-Pointer AT , 4x AA batteries and the book Favorite Finds

The detector is equipped with a new reinforced armrest !!!

AT PRO is a completely new type of detector from Garret. The device is based on the company's new philosophy of detector design. AT PRO uses a new 2D probe 22x28cm and can be used in literally all locations. This universal detector can be used for searching in snow, rain or underwater up to a maximum depth of 2m.

The detector operates at a high frequency and uses unique digital signal processing mimicking multi-frequency technology. This brings both increased range and high sensitivity to the detector. The device uses both main search methods - motion and motionless. This provides high search comfort and also increases the efficiency of the detector.

Garrett AT PRO International metal detector electronics box

Functions and operation

The detector is very well equipped, so there is a prospecting mode, manual soil tuning, frequency setting in 4 ranges, brand new audio, full NOTCH discrimination, separate discrimination of iron and non-ferrous metals.
Operation of the detector is very intuitive and simple, as Garrett fans are used to from the ACE series. The device is made in an elegant black color, in addition it is very well balanced and it is also decorated with zero buoyancy when used underwater. The detector includes MS accessories designed as standard for Sea Hunter and Infinium, which can be used underwater.
Universal detector designed for searching on dry land, in snow, mountains, humid places, and even underwater to a maximum depth of 2 meters.

Editorial test of the AT Pro International detector and the NEL Storm and Hunter probes

Technical specifications

The number of positions of the target cursor ID 12 (segments)
Iron discrimination is divided into sections 40
Accept / reject discrimination button Yes
Search modes 6 (3 Standard, 3 Professional modes)
Sensitivity / Depth adjustment 8
Electronic Pinpointing Yes
Working frequency 15 kHz
Audio tone ID level 3
Basic coil 8.5 "x 11" DD PROformance
Length (Adjustable) 1.06m - 1.29m (42 "to 51")
total weight 1.4 kgs. (3.03 lbs.)
Battery 4 AA (included in the price of the detector)

Garrett headphones for AT Pro International, Sea Hunter and LS Infinium

DD 28x22cm probe for Garrett AT Pro International metal detector



Garrett AT PRO International metal detector

Garrett AT PRO International metal detector - water

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