Metal detector Garrett ATX 10x12 ''

New pulse metal detector designed for a wide range of searches.

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The Garrett ATX metal detector is a pulsed multi-frequency metal detector. The ATX has a highly durable design that meets military specifications and new 2D probes. The coils have extreme sensitivity and have the ability to work even in highly mineralized soils and salts. The detector is primarily designed for the search for natural gold, but its use is much wider due to its large depth range.

Garrett ATX metal detector

Working modes:

  • Movement and motionless
  • Iron highlight function
  • Advanced soil balancing
  • 4th level of Ground Track setting
  • Adjustable discrimination
  • Signal strength detection by LEDs
  • Automatic function for interference de-icing
  • Volume control with limited response of large targets
  • The detector is equipped with a 12 ”(30 cm) 2D probe

Additional probes

Currently, 8 ”mono and 20” Deepseeker probes can also be used with the detector.

Contents of the Garrett ATX metal detector package

Scope of delivery

Garrett ATX metal detector with 12 ”(30 cm) 2D probe, headphones, carrying case, detector strap, AA alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries including charger.

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