Golden Mask GM4PRO 12 metal detector

Usage type
  • For coins
  • For searching relics
  • Universal

Fastest response, adjustable audio and response level of received iron.

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Probe cover, rain covers

Golden Mask GM4 PRO

You will receive an electronics box cover, a charging block and charger, an instructional DVD in Czech and a probe cover with the detector. The detector is already equipped with a new guide rod.

Golden Mask GM4 is a brand new detector from Golden Mask . This is a device from the HF series. These detectors, although very versatile, are primarily intended primarily for searching the smallest objects made of gold and silver. This corresponds to both the working frequency of the detector and the way in which discrimination and debugging of the soil effect are solved.

Golden Mask GM4 metal detector

GM4 uses a new lightweight 2D probe with a size of 12 "(30cm). You can set the point on the device where you want iron targets to sound or use preset values. It is also very interesting to be able to adjust the audio response of the detector as It's not the most straightforward, so you're not limited to preset audio, which can be appreciated especially by older seekers who prefer deeper tones at lower frequencies.

Golden Mask GM4PRO

Thanks to the new design, the detector is significantly better balanced and also lighter. Golden Mask detectors have traditionally appreciated is the depth of detection. The one with the GM4 remained great, and in addition, the detector significantly added sensitivity to the smallest targets. The impressive soil debugging function is also impressive, which has a short run but is still very effective.


  • Operating frequency 18kHz
  • High performance VLF-TR transmitter
  • Multitone discrimination with adjustable level
  • VCO controlled oscillator
  • Manually adjustable ground balance with short cod only 240 °
  • Automatic soil debugging function and mineralization filter
  • Exact discriminator
  • Adaptable settings - filters
  • Identification of low batteries
  • Power supply : GM Li-PO 3x2500mAh (detector package contains both battery block and charger)
  • Waterproof lightweight probe 12 "(30cm) 2D
  • Headphone input 6.3mm
  • Adjust the volume
  • Telescopic construction
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight: With 7 "probe - 1300g
    With 10x9 "probe - 1450g
    With probe 12x10 "- 1530g

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