Metal detector Golden Mask GM4PRO WD 33

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Usage type Universal, For coins, For searching relics

New dual-frequency metal detector Golden Mask GM4PRO WD equipped with 33 cm 2D probe, foldable structure and wireless headset WS 105

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The Golden Mask GM4PRO WD 33 metal detector is a new advanced continuation of the Golden Mask HF detector series. The detector combines all the advantages of the previous series and is now able to operate at two operating frequencies of 8 kHz and 18 kHz without the need to change the probe!

The detector is already equipped with a new guide rod design!

The 18 kHz operating frequency is suitable for sites with a large number of ferrous objects. Also in soils with a higher iron oxide content, the range will be greater when using the 18 kHz frequency. The lower working frequency of 8kHz will be used in areas that contain fewer iron targets and also lower amounts of iron oxide in the soil. In such locations, and especially for larger objects, the range will be greater using the 8 kHz frequency.

The overall effect is a greater ability to adapt the detector to the surrounding conditions and whether we are talking about soil conditions or the possibility of shifting the operating frequency due to ambient electromagnetic interference.

Ovládací box GM4PRO

Golden Mask GM4PRO WD 33 is equipped with a new 33 cm 2D probe. This new coil from the Spider series features excellent depth range while maintaining excellent separation properties. The probe has a durable construction and the detector is very well balanced with it.

However, a range of other coils are available with sizes ranging from 12 cm to 38 cm. With the detector, you can set yourself the point where you want the iron targets to echo or use the preset values. Also very interesting is the ability to customize the audio response of the detector to the way that is most direct to you. You are thus not limited to preset audio, which can be especially appreciated by older searchers who prefer deeper tones at lower frequencies.

The detector is also significantly better balanced and lighter thanks to the new design. What searchers traditionally appreciate about Golden Mask detectors is the depth of detection. This is great in the GM4PRO WD whether it is for the smallest targets or larger objects in virtually all ground conditions. Also impressive is the soil influence detuning function, which has a short run time but is still very effective.

Metal detector specifications Golden Mask GM4PRO WD 33

  • Operating frequency 18kHz and 8kHZ
  • High performance VLF-TR transmitter
  • Multi-tone discrimination with adjustable level
  • VCO controlled oscillator
  • Manually adjustable ground balance with short travel of only 240°
  • Automatic ground effect detuning and mineralization filter function (automatic function is marked in red on the left end of the GB driver's work area)
  • Precise discriminator
  • Adaptable settings - filters
  • Identification of weak batteries
  • Power supply: GM Li-PO 3x2500mAh (detector package includes both battery pack and charger)
  • Waterproof lightweight 33cm 2D probe
  • 6.3mm headphone input
  • Volume adjustment
  • Telescopic design
  • 2 year warranty
  • Weight: With probe 7" - 1300g, 9" 23cm - 1330g, 12" (30cm) - 1490g

Metal detector Golden Mask GM4PRO WD with probe 23cm - Metal detector Golden Mask GM4PRO WD 9

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