Metal detector Golden Mask GM7 WS

Golden Mask GM7 WS, is a new 4 frequency metal detector, operating at 4 kHz, 14 kHz, 24 kHz and 44 kHz.

Available from 10. 12. 2022
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Golden Mask GM7 WS, is a new 4 frequency metal detector, operating at 4 kHz, 14 kHz, 24 kHz and 44 kHz. It is equipped with new Etrim™ operational amplifiers with EMI/RFI filter on the inputs for maximum undisturbed detection at high sensitivity settings. The 80% analog technology allows for great depth range, as users of the Golden Mask brand are accustomed to.

Four operating frequencies as well as the ability to use 4 operating modes gives the detector great versatility. Compared to the previous One, GM5 and GM6 models, the GM7 has also been redesigned. The probe is therefore not compatible with previous models.

Key features

The detector uses 4 basic programs (Field, Park, Gold, Beach - Salt) Which can be combined with 4 working frequencies at the same time.
Power Box - A unique feature, operating at three performance levels. The function adjusts the amplitude of the transmitting coil. This makes it even easier to match the performance of the detector to the amount of mineralization in the area where you are looking.
Treshold in the GM7 is not just a threshold tone as you may know it from many other instruments. The feature has two separate settings Signal for adjusting the receiving coil power and Audio for end gain.
The GM7 uses classic audio discrimination with one or two tones. The special feature is the Disk Depth function, which you can use to influence how accurately you need to evaluate the deepest targets. For an explanation, watch the video about the GM7 detector (bottom of the page)
Sophisticated audio settings. Even though the GM7 only uses two tones, you can adjust the volume of both, choose their pitch, and boost the weakest signals at the end of the range with the boost function.

Technical Specifications

Model: Golden Mask GM7 WS
Operating frequencies: 4, 14, 24 and 44 kHz
Ground Tuning: Manual and fully automatic mode
Control: Three level system with 4 factory modes (user adjustable)
Operating Modes: Motion, All Metal, Dual Tone, Single Tone with Discrimination
Base Coil: Multi-frequency 2D 33x28 cm
Power: GM Li-PO 3x2500mAh (detector package includes both battery pack and charger)
Battery life: min. 10 hours with PowerBox on high setting
Wireless headphones included: Yes
Input jack: 6.35mm - 1/4"
Weight: 1.4 kg with 33x28 cm 2D search coil
Warranty: 2 years

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