Metal detector GoldenMask GM ONE 15 kHz BLACK

The new Golden Mask One 15 kHz BLACK, is a detector designed for all those who are starting out and want an accurate and above all deep detector.

Available from 10. 12. 2022
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Probe cover, battery box cover

Golden Mask One 15 kHz Black, is a detector designed for all those who are starting out with searching and want an accurate and above all deep detector. The GM One 15 kHz Black is designed for the widest possible search for all types of targets in all types of ground conditions, from coins and jewellery to really big objects. The Black version is the second version of the GM One, and differs from the previous version mainly by a significant increase in power between 10 and 15% with respect to the size of the target.

The GM One combines the best analogue and digital features of the Golden Mask detectors and is thus essentially the digital counterpart of the LP Zero detectors. The detector has a very simple operation that can be handled by anyone, including complete beginners. The GM One uses a new type of telescopic rod that has proven to be very successful and is so well rated that it is sold as a complement to other detectors.

The coil is also an important part of the detector, the One is fitted straight from the factory with essentially the best coil for general searches supplied with Golden Mask 33x28 cm 2D detectors. The probe comes with a cap.

Technical data

  • Technology used.
  • Operating frequency: 15 kHz
  • Ground tuning: automatic
  • Search modes: Motion with audio discrimination (2 tones)
  • Adjustment options: sensitivity, frequency shift, iron volume, overall volume, backlight and contrast.
  • Coil type: GM multi-frequency 33x28 cm 2D
  • Weight (including batteries): 1.4 kg
  • Power: Li Ion integrated battery including charger
  • Headphone jack: 6.35 mm
  • 2 years warranty

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