Minelab Go Find 44 metal detector

Go Find 44 is a metal detector from the latest range of devices designed for beginners and advanced searchers.

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Minelab Go Find 44

The new metal Minelab Go Find 44 is designed for beginners and intermediate searchers. It has a number of advanced features, great sensitivity and range. Unlike the Go Find 22, the 44 is already equipped with a larger 25 cm probe. The detector is very light and perfectly balanced. In addition, it is also extremely compact, allowing immediate assembly and disassembly in a matter of seconds. The search probe is waterproof, so you can use the detector both inland and when wading on beaches.

Minelab Go Find 44

You turn on the detector and you can start searching immediately. All operation is intuitive and very simple using touch buttons.

The length can be adjusted to suit each viewfinder. The feed can be set literally millimeter by millimeter. The power supply of the device is solved by 4 pencil batteries located in the handle of the device.

Connection with a smart mobile phone

Using the mobile application, you can connect your Go Find 44 detector to your smartphone. A "Free" application has been developed for the Go Find 44 Detector, which will further enhance your great search experience with this detector.

Everyone can find their treasure

Whether you're looking for coins or jewelry, Go Find's identification helps you decide exactly which targets to dig with an audio response, where deep tones indicate ferromagnetic metals (iron) and high tones indicate "non-ferrous" metal objects. In addition, the relevant category to which the object under the coil belongs always flashes on the LCD. Compared to Go-Find 22, the 44 has a richer menu and also identification by LED. The equipment then includes 3 work programs.

Key properties

  • The Go Find 40 metal detector can be done by anyone, even if they have no experience with searching with metal detectors
  • It is very light and extremely compact
  • It has a waterproof coil and can also handle searches on salty beaches.
Go-Find Detector Features 22 Go-Find Detector Features 44 Go-Find 66 Features

2 search modes
20cm waterproof probe
3 sensitivity levels
5 volume levels
Weight 1 kg
Operating frequency 7.8 kHz

3 Search modes
25cm waterproof probe
4 sensitivity levels
5 volume levels
5 “Treasure” LED display
Pinpoint - search motionless mode
Bluetooth - connection with a smartphone
Standard GO-Find application
Weight 1.06 kg
Operating frequency 7.8 kHz
4 Search modes
25cm waterproof probe
5 levels of sensitivity
5 volume levels
5 “Treasure” LED display
Pinpoint - search motionless mode
Bluetooth - connection with a smartphone
Professional Go-FIND application
Weight 1.06 kg
Smart phone holder
Operating frequency 7.8 kHz
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Customize your GO-FIND with easy-to-apply "skins". Choose from two variants, the one you like more. (skins are included).

Catalog of Minelab metal detectors of the Go-Find series

The catalog is in pdf format and you can download it by double-clicking on the image below.


Instructions for Go-Find series metal detectors

The manual is in pdf format and you can download it by double-clicking on the image below.

The instructions are in the Czech language!

Video - New line of Go Find


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