Metal detector Minelab Safari - Power set

Extra convenient Minelab Safari metal detector set with battery pack, headphones and lots of accessories

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Probe cover, electronics box cover, Minelab Club T-shirt, instructional DVD

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Minelab's unique multi-frequency metal detector technology

The Minelab Safari PS metal detector now includes:

Minelab Safari metal detector

It is an easy-to-use metal detector that belongs to the top group of Minelab detectors using FBS multi-frequency technology as well as Minelab Explorer SE or Minelab E-Trac

Guaranteed best price detector Safari has 4 search programs: All Metal Relic (Coins), Coins / Jewelery.To launch each of them, just press the button.

The Minelab Safari metal detector is a multi-tone detector. For Coins and Coins / Jewelery programs, it identifies objects by their conductivity. For All Metal and Relic programs by iron content. Safari has no special soil leveling procedure. Its advanced electronics continuously filter the effects of the soil (automatically).

Safari has a clear, easy-to-read comprehensive LCD screen. At the same time, the conductivity of the found object (-10 to 40), its position in the bar graph of the discriminatory pattern, the depth and, in the programs Coin and Coin / Jewelery, also the icon of probable finding are digitally displayed. When searching, the screen turns into a search chart.

Minelab Safari metal detector - electronics box

Key properties:

  • Easy to use, allowing you to use cutting-edge technology even for beginners
  • FBS multi-frequency technology, operating frequency from 1.5kHz to 100kHz
  • Outstanding reach and depth of identification
  • Top performance thanks to FBS technology
  • Comprehensive, easy to read LCD 64x128 pix.
  • Advanced digital earth balance
  • Discrimination setting digitally from -10 to 40
  • Universal detector for all environments
  • Basic probe 11 "New lighter with improved separation
  • Discriminatory regimes presented
  • Destination identification: using ID numbers and multiton
  • Possibility to set the signal processing speed
  • Possibility to choose partial discrimination


control box 1600 g (including probe)
battery 280 g
Battery life Type: Alkaline 14 h (8 x 1.5 V)
Type: NiMH 12.5 h
Frequency 1.5 - 100 kHz
Probe type / size 2D / 28cm
Country debugging settings automatic
Discrimination (resolution switch) P
Degree of discrimination P
Tone resolution P
All Metal - All metals P
Threshold tone P
Digital ID meter P



Coin · · · ·
Relics (iron) · · · ·
Treasures · · · ·
Beach · · · ·
Gold (cobble) · · ·
Into water Box O Probe P

Minelab Safari metal detector

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We provide all warranty and post-warranty service for all Minelab detectors regardless of where the metal detector was purchased.

In order to claim the guarantee it is only necessary to present a valid tax document.

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