Nexus Coronado Groundfix 9 metal detector

Usage type Universal

The latest detector from Nexus , designed for all beginners looking for maximum range. The detector is equipped with a double 9 "probe.

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Nexus Coronado Groundfix metal detector with 9 "double probe

The Coronado Groundfix metal detector is a "turn on and go" type detector and is therefore built to offer maximum depth to even inexperienced users. The detector is equipped with automatic soil leveling in three levels and for different environments. Like all Nexus detectors, the Coronado Groundfix has automatically tuned (inductively resonant) soil compensation. In the case of the Coronado Groundfix, it is a motion detector with very fast recovery after capturing the target. As a result, it has excellent separation properties.
Its construction allows universal use in all types of soil, from minimally mineralized to sea beaches. The detector also manages sites heavily contaminated with, for example, mining or beaches with volcanic sand (ferromagnetic rocks).

Although a power-on detector, Nexus guarantees all of its detectors a range of 36 cm on a 3 cm coin with a standard 6 "(six-inch) probe. The detector is able to identify even the smallest targets from 1.5 The weight of the detector is only 1.3 kg, including 8 1.5V batteries that power the detector.The detector is very well balanced and it should be easy for every user to learn to use it in a short time, even if it is always Battery life is up to 35 hours, but the decisive factors are both the number of targets captured and whether you use headphones, even if you use the detector in highly contaminated areas and without headphones, you should one battery "walk" all weekend.

Nexus Coronado GroundFix 9 Metal Detector Control Box

Overview of functions

• Automatic soil tuning in three levels
• Headphone output
• Volume control
• Electronics box made of ABS plastic
• Probes designed for maximum efficiency and high durability
• Telescopic guide bar made of abrasion-resistant fiberglass
• Adjustable discrimination
• Automatic sensitivity adjustment function

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