Nexus Standard MK II metal detector

According to the manufacturer, currently the deepest metal detector on the market!

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The Nexus Standard MK II metal detector is a new elite Nexus metal detector and replaces the original top Standard SE model. The new Standard MK II has a 5x stronger transmitter than the previous version and, according to the manufacturer, there is currently no deeper metal detector on the market. The new line of Nexus metal detectors has been developed over the last 4 years and great improvements in inductive balance technology have been achieved. Nexus Standard MK II is capable of working in any environment, whether it is highly mineralized areas, salt water or places with extreme amounts of iron oxide.

All Nexus models currently in production have undergone a very significant modification of all audio modes. To be specific, the audio was given a much larger range. The new dual mode with threshold tone audio control is really impressive. It also got into the tweak in the form of a switchable amplifier, where you will be able to amplify the sound of the signal as if it were on the surface with the remote control under the handle.

Metal detector Nexus Standart MK II
The price of the detector also includes a probe cover!

The new Nexus Standard MK II is equipped with extremely fast auto-tuning and inductively balanced (99%) search probes. Thanks to the original Nexus technologies, the detector has a great range and very precise discrimination, which in the current scientific conditions can be achieved at all.

Nexus MK II metal detector box

Detector properties

  • New 2D High Energy probes using 124 volt transmitters. In addition, the new probes have a much longer service life than all resin-based coils.
  • The new Auto function controls threshold tone, discrimination and soil balance. So you have no problems with the settings!
  • New Bi color DDM working on LED technology. It uses two colors, red for non-ferrous targets and blue for irons.
  • New filter mode SIlent Motion - is designed to remove all unwanted objects
  • New highly durable three-piece construction


  • Volume combined with on / off function
  • Sensitivity
  • Discrimination
  • Automatic setting
  • Ground Balance
  • Multitone settings
  • Recovery speed
  • Discriminator

Technical parameters

  • Operating frequency: 6 to 18 kHz
  • Applicable probe types: 2D and double concentric probes
  • Auxiliary probe scales: dual 9 ”and 13” 2D - 650g, 10 ”2D - 540g; 6 ”dual concentric - 450g; 4 ”dual concentric - 380g, 7” 2D - 350g
  • Detector weight (without probe) 1.0 kg
  • Probe design: ABS and fiberglass
  • Audio: fully adjustable
  • Audio output: 6 mm stereo jack
  • Power supply: 15V (10 AA alkaline batteries)
  • Operating modes: All-Metal, discriminatory and automatic.
  • Optimal working temperature: -15 ° to + 60 ° C
  • Optimal humidity: 0 to 85%

New 2D Nexus probes for metal detector Standart MK II

New probes for Nexus metal detectors

13 "(33 cm) 2D High Energy at 6kHz
General most universal basic probe detector. This is also the reason why it is supplied directly with the detector. The probe is designed for the deepest possible reach on all types of targets. Due to its size, it also has a very decent coverage (33 cm). For waste-infested sites, it is worth considering purchasing a smaller probe for better separation properties. The construction of the probe is made of ABS plastic and fiberglass. The probe has a significantly longer endurance than all coils produced by the classic casting method and will serve you for many years.

10 "DD High Energy at 7 kHz
The best additional probe and for the metal detector Nexus Standart MK II but also basic for the cheaper variant of Credo detectors. You could say that with this probe, you work hardest on waste-infested fields. The probe has an excellent ratio between depth range and separation and is very effective in finding the smallest targets.

10 "DD High Energy at 18kHz
Specially designed for finding gold nuggets with maximum emphasis on the best possible separation properties.

7 "DD High Energy at 8kHz
Probe designed for hard-to-reach areas and for searching in small targets in heavily contaminated areas.

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