Nokta Impact metal detector

Usage type For coins, For searching relics, Universal

The all-new, extremely versatile detector from Nokta

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Headphones, base coil cover and battery

Impact is designed to search for the smallest objects as well as large, deeply buried targets. It is capable of working in all soil conditions, including ferromagnetic rocks, wet salty sands, etc. The instrument offers on-line software updates, which we have already taken advantage of during testing. The design of the detector is very rigid and robust. Even so, the detector has a solid weight and, above all, is well balanced. The device also has a built-in transmitter for wireless headphones, which adds to the search comfort for searchers who prefer them.

The listing of all twelve operating modes is really impressive: STA - Static Search Mode, GEN - All Metal Mode, COG - Basalt Mode , DI2 - Discrimination Mode , DI3 - Discrimination Mode, DI4 - Discrimination Mode, DI99 - Multitonew discriminative mode, DEEP - discriminative depth mode, STAD - discriminative static mode, GEND - depth ALL Metal mode got discrimination, and special modes VLX1 and VLX2.

The DEEP and GEND depth modes are very impressive. Here it should be additionally noted that both of these modes are discriminative. That is, they discriminate between non-ferrous metals and iron! Prospectors who were used to using motionless detectors such as the Zetex instruments will definitely welcome the STA and STAD modes. In addition, both of these motionless modes do not need constant fine-tuning!

One of the biggest advantages, however, is of course the possibility to use three operating frequencies (. This gives the detector a huge variability of use. If you then add in all the working modes, you will find that you actually have 36 separate instruments.

You should also appreciate the very well managed control of the detector. Despite the large number of settings, the menu is clear and everything is available directly on the LCD.

Basic technical data

  • Operating frequency: 5kHz - 14kHz - 20kHz
  • Audio frequency: 150 Hz - 700 Hz
  • Adjustable search modes: 12 (2 motionless, 2 all-metal, 8 discriminative)
  • Iron Audio: Yes
  • Tone Break: Yes
  • Notch Filter: Yes
  • Ground Balance: Automatic/Manual/Tracking
  • Pinpoint: Yes
  • Frequency Shift: Yes
  • Vibration: Yes
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: 01-99
  • Target ID: 00-99
  • Basic Search Coil: 28 cm x 18 cm (11'' x 7'') DD
  • Display: LCD Backlight: Yes (10 settings)
  • LED Flashlight: Yes
  • Weight: 1.8 kg including coil and batteries
  • Length: 107 cm - 143 cm (42" - 56") adjustable
  • Power: 4 x AA 1.5V
  • Warranty: 2 years

Includes 28x18 cm 2D waterproof coil, headphones, 4x 1.5V AA batteries and USB cable


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