Nokta Metal Detector - Macro Simplex+ WHP and wireless headphones and Nokta Pointer NEW

New beginner and fully submersible detector with wireless headphones and Nokta Pointer NEW

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Nokta Pointer NEW, Educational DVD in CZ filmed by the Treasure Hunter team!, wireless headphones, cap, USB charger

Detektor kovů Simplex+

The Nokta - Macro Simplex+ WHP metal detector is a brand new beginner detector. It brings a fresh wind to the beginner class, mainly thanks to its waterproofness up to 3 meters, which is something unprecedented in detectors priced at about 10 000 CZK. The technology is conservative, the detector operates at a frequency of 12 kHz and uses automatic GB setting. The guide rod is based on the design of the Nokta Impact detector. But for me personally the biggest positive is the 28 cm 2D coil. This probe is also fitted to Nokta's flagship Anfibio and compared to the standard oval probe, the increase in range is really significant. The WHP version of the detector means you get wireless headphones included. The detector itself is the same as the basic version.

Detektor kovů Simplex+

Key features

IP 68 - The detector can withstand immersion to a depth of up to 3 metres
Interference cancellation - By shifting the operating frequency, you can eliminate interference in the surroundings
Iron volume- Iron volume adjustment option
Notch discrimination - ability to discriminate individual ID numbers
Updates - via USB the detector can be updated regularly
Integrated wireless transmitter - the detector has an integrated wireless transmitter designed for Nokta headsets - Macro 2.4 GHz (green edition)
Vibration - The function allows the detector to vibrate when a target is received and is particularly suitable for hearing impaired users.
Working modes - All Metal, Field, Park/Les, Beach
Backlight - LCD backlight for operation in low light conditions
Adjustable length - Adjustable detector length
Weight - Only 1.3 kg
Built-in battery - Built-in Li-Pol battery

Nokta Wireless Headset - Macro 2.4 GHz (Green Edition) included in the price of the detector

Použití detektoru kovů Nokta Makro Simplex

Technical Specifications

Technology- VLF
IP 68 - Detector can withstand immersion to a depth of up to 3 metres
Operating frequency - 12 kHz
Operating modes - All Metal, Field, Park/Les, Beach
Audio discrimination - 3 tones
Notch filter
Pinpoint - motionless tracking mode
Vibration - vibration adjustable
Working frequency shift - elimination of interference.
Sensitivity - adjustable in 6 levels
ID - ranging from 0 to 99
Probe - 28 cm 2D
Backlight - backlighting for both LCD and keypad, plus rear LED flashlight
Weight 1.3 kg
Adjustable length 132 - 63 cm
Power - Built-in 2,300 mAh Li-pol battery
Operating temperature: 0°C to +35°C
Warranty 2 years

Detektor kovů Simplex+

Contents of delivery

1. Electronics box
2. Waterproof DD 28cm/11" (SP28) coil & cover
3. USB charging & data cable
4. Headphone adapter 4-6.3mm (1/4)- SIMPLEX + only
5. Charging adapter
6. Nokta Macro cap - SIMPLEX +WHP only
7. 2.4 GHz wireless headphones - SIMPLEX +WHP only
8. User manual & warranty card + INSTRUCTIONS IN ENGLISH
9. Tutorial DVD IN CZECH filmed by the Treasure Hunter team!

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