Whites MX7 metal detector

The MX7 is a lightweight and robust detector equipped with advanced features and top performance.

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The MX7 is a lightweight and robust detector equipped with advanced features and top performance. It is designed for demanding seekers who want to enter the first league of detectors at a reasonable price. Weighing just 1.36 kg, it offers exceptional reach, separation and ergonomics at a great price.

The detector offers 6 search programs and a pinpoint, in the menu you will find in addition to the usual functions such as discrimination, volume, treshold, VCO etc. and delicacies as a possibility of small frequency shift to avoid interference two detectors side by side, reject volume backlight display with multiple light intensities or Iron Grunt, which is a "grunting" that lets you know in common all-metal single-metal mode that it is iron, a very valuable assistant in all metal.
Equipped with a 9.5 “concentric coil is the ideal ratio between range and separation, it is waterproof and very durable. It achieves very good results in normally to medium mineralized soils and, thanks to the frequency of 14kHz, it is suitable for finding even very small objects such as small silver coins or gold jewelry. The detector works with all Sport coils, including the Ultimate 13 “Sport coil.

MX7 detector specifications

  • VDI display resolution - the traditional metal resolution method known from the White's taller models from -95 to +95
  • TONE ID - possibility to set 1,2,4 or up to 22 tones according to metal type
  • Adjustable volume - option to adjust the volume of response to targets
  • Adjustable treshold - for better detection of small targets
  • Backlit display - search in the dark or at night
  • 20 discriminatory segments - fully adjustable FULL NOTCH discrimination
  • Discriminatory Search Mode - 4 Search Programs Coins & Jewelry, Salt Beach, Hi-trash in Contaminated Environment and Relic
  • All metal search mode - 2 discriminator off modes with VCO oscillator for more accurate target size and depth estimation, Prospecting mode including VDI display and Iron grunt
  • Pinpoint - accurate aiming with depth determination in centimeters and VCO oscillator
  • Mixed mode audio - a combination of all metal and discrimination mode in RELIC
  • Battery level indicator
  • Autotrack - automatic tuning of soil effects, which can handle the change of mineralization and basalt
  • Fixed ground balance - manual soil tune without automatic tuning
  • New 9.5 ″ Sport Waterproof Coil - The detector also works with all MX Sport coils
  • Operating frequency - 14kHz
  • Weight of only 1.36 kg - precise balancing of the detector is a matter of course
  • Operating time - 40 hours per battery
  • Warranty - 24 months

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