Whites MXT ALL PRO metal detector

Modified version of popular Whites MXT detector. The detector has a new tone response and also the standard programs of the instrument have been modified.

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Whites MXT ALL PRO metal detector

The new White's MXT PRO is an improved version of the Whites MXT. The most significant changes occurred in the detector's audio response. Here you can now select between 1, 2 or 7 tones depending on the selected discrimination mode. In relic mode, the detector uses the so-called mix mode. This helps you to accurately locate the object in the soil. The detector is now equipped with a standard 12 inch probe, the same as the MXT 300.

Other features now included in the detector include a three-stage LCD backlight and a simplified automatic GB tuning feature. When I read through the company's official resources, I often came across the mention that there were no adjustments that should change the detector's sensitivity. At Whites, the development team clearly tried to improve the control and functionality of the detector without reducing its range and sensitivity to small targets.

New design of electronics box. New MXT Pro on the left. The right image is the original MXT. This remains in production.
LCD Metal Detector Whites MXT Pro Older type MXT

Features overview:

  • AutoTrack - automatic mineralization monitoring
  • Three factory programs can be customized in discriminatory modes
  • PinPoint - accurate motionless mode for tracing
  • VCO - pinpoint support. The detector reacts with increasing tone intensity as the probe approaches the target
  • Three potentiometers to adjust discrimination, sensitivity and pitch.
  • MultiTone ID Destination identification using 7 tones
  • LCD display with backlight in three steps.
  • Up to 40 hours of operation on 8x1.5V AA or approx. 20 per original battery pack
  • Operating frequency 14 kHz
  • Determining the depth of an object (coin)
  • Matt and durable electronics housing and solid construction

Technical specification: MXT

  • Operating frequency - 14 kHz
  • Weight - 1,9 kg (including batteries)
  • Height - from 103cm to 129 cm
  • Power supply - battery 8x 1.5 volts
  • Operating temperature - from -10 to 60 C
  • Standard Waterproof and Shockproof Coil - Spider 10 2D "
  • Large selection of alternative coils
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Post-warranty service until the end of production of spare parts

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