New Tesoro 28x20 2D RDS probe for Tejón, LOBO, Vaquero and Cibola metal detectors

New 2D probe for Tesoro metal detectors for Tejon, Lobo, Vaquero and Cibola detectors

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The probe is able to take even smaller targets and work in extremely mineralized soils. The coil has dimensions of 28x20 cm, which predestines it to be a very universal coil for everyday use.

The 28x20 cm 2D RDS probe is designed for Tesoro Tejon, Lobo, Vaquero and Cibola detectors. It is a universal probe for general use in all localities and soil types.

The probe is made of highly durable plastics, has a Kevlar skeleton and is perfectly shielded from interference. Waterproofness and a probe cover are a matter of course.

  • probe weight with cover: 450g

Orientation table of the probe use in the field, evaluation is the ratio between efficiency and reach:

slight mineralization medium mineralization high mineralization extreme mineralization
Location without waste **** ***** ***** ****
Slightly infested location **** ***** ***** ****
Moderately infested locality *** *** *** * *** *
Highly infested site *** *** *** * *** *

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