Pocket for mounting the EMOS 5000mAh power bank on the Minelab Equinox 600/800

Are you running out of energy at Equinox and want to keep looking? We have a solution ...

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Pocket for mounting the EMOS 5000mAh power bank on the Minelab Equinox 600/800

All you have to do is insert the Power bank into the pocket, insert the USB charging cable and close the opening with Velcro (Velcro is sewn against each other in the opening). You simply place the pocket with the power bank under the armrest of your Equinox 600/800. Two velcro fasteners on the sides of the pocket are used for fastening.

Attaching the pocket is easy. Insert the pocket from under the armrest. Insert the Velcro from the inside through the upper hole outwards and back through the lower hole inwards. Perform the same procedure on the other side of the armrests. Then just press the velcro on each other and the pocket is firmly attached to the detector. Wrap the charging cable around the rod and connect it to the unit. And you can keep searching while recharging your Equinox 600/800 on the fly. ( Caution! The detector cannot be immersed in water while charging ) .

Pocket specifications:

  • material: Soft Shell
  • length: 15cm, width 8cm
  • Velcro: width 2cm length 2x 14cm


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