15cm HOT 2D probe for Tejón, LOBO, Vaquero and Cibolu

The latest probe in Tesoro 's offer is a 15cm HOT for Tesoro Tejón, LOBO Super Traq, Vaquero and Cibola. The probe is supplied with a protective cover.

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The latest HOT 2D widescan probe from Tesoro designed for waste-infested sites with a high degree of mineralization in the soil. The probe is designed for Tesoro Tejón, LOBO Super Track, Vaquero and Cibola detectors

The main advantage of this small 2D probe is the very good soil coverage even with small dimensions and also the significantly improved reach. The probe is mainly used for tracing waste and iron-contaminated sites of small and medium scale. In terms of construction, it is an exceptionally durable construction.

For the correct use of each probe, it is important to always consider how much waste is in the site and how strongly mineralized the soil in which you will be moving is. However, a concentric probe is more suitable for a larger amount of waste and a 2D probe for a large amount of mineralization.

The probe is made of highly durable plastics and is waterproof. The delivery also includes a probe cover.

Orientation table of the probe use in the field, the ratio between efficiency and range is evaluated:

  slight mineralization medium mineralization high mineralization extreme mineralization
Location without waste ** ** ** **
Slightly infested location *** *** ** **
Moderately infested locality **** ***** ***** ****
Highly infested site **** ***** ***** ****

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