Coiltek WOT 37 cm probe for FBS

New WOT probe from Coiltek for multi-frequency detectors Minelab E-Trac, Explorer and Safari

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Probe for Minelab metal detectors from Coiltek The Coiltek WOT probe is one of the most successful probes in the entire production program of the company. Compared to the standard, the probe adds around 30%, which is really great given the already great range of Minelab multifrequency detectors. Despite its size, the probe has excellent sensitivity.
The probe is best suited for searching in more open terrain where you are trying to maximize the range and maybe collect what you went through with a standard probe. The probe has a very durable construction and is waterproof.

Key properties

  • Exceptional depth of reach
  • Very robust construction
  • The probe is waterproof
  • Excellent sensitivity to small targets

WOT probe for Minelab E-Trac metal detector

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