MARS MD Tiger probe for Golden Mask 18 kHz

Probe for Golden Mask 18 kHz metal detectors - GM4PRO and LP ZERO

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The Mars Tiger probe is the best combination of depth of detection, stability and sensitivity for searching all types of findings. The probe is of high quality and maximally durable. Despite its great reliability and highly durable construction, it still has a very decent weight. The probe can be used on all GM4PRO W and WD and LP ZERO detectors. (small boxes).


  • Coil type: 2D
  • Shape: Ellipse
  • Inch size: 9.5 "x 12.5"
  • Size cm: 24 cm x 32 cm
  • Weight: 625 g

Mars probes

Mars MD probes for Golden Mask metal detectors

Comparison of sizes of currently manufactured Mars probes

Mars probes

Mars probes

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