SEF probe for metal detector Fisher F70 and F75 38x30cm

Probe for Fisher F70, F75 and F75 LTD metal detectors.

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  Detech S.E.F  

Large 2D probe designed for maximum soil penetration. The probe can be used with Fisher F70 , F75 and F75 Ltd metal detectors.

The coil is currently only produced for the F70, F75 and F75LTD models. With a large predominance, however, it is Fisher's best-selling accessory probe. A number of tests and reactions of the searchers show that the probe significantly adds to the range and also to the sensitivity.

  • The probe is waterproof
  • Probe cover included

The probe is designed primarily for places that allow movement with such a large coil. You can find the probe test at

photo: Standard probe 28cm 2D and 25cm concentric Fisher - Detech SEF 38x30cm

Standard probe 25cm 2D concentric Fisher - Detech S.E.F 38x30cm


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