SEF probe for XPlorer GMaxx 38x30cm 4.6 kHz

Probe designed for XPlorer GMaxx metal detector (4.6kHz)

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Detech S.E.F

Larger 2D probe for XP Gold Maxx detectors designed for surveying less waste-contaminated sites. You can find the probe test at

The probe is manufactured in two versions, for XPlorer Gold Maxx and in the other for other detectors operating at a frequency of 4kHz (Gmaxx, Adventis, ADX 250 and AXD 100). The probe replaces the basic 22cm and 27cm probes, and in many ways these new 2D probes outperform them . Both in range and sensitivity and when moving in more mineralized soils, you should achieve significantly better results when using them.

The probe is supplied with a protective cover and a 2-year warranty

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