Probe SEF ULTIMATE 33cm for Fisher F5, GoldBug, F19, 11, 22, 44

New Detech SEF Ultimate probe designed for metal detectors Fisher F5, GoldBug, F19, 11, 22, 44

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FREE probe cover:

Detech ULTIMATE probe cover

The new Detech SEF ULTIMATE probes use a new design. However, it does not differ only in shape, but above all in its construction. It is designed to mitigate mechanical shocks and vibrations. Everything is made of special polymers and reinforced with glass fibers. In addition, the material of the structure is injected under high pressure, thanks to which it has very good mechanical properties. The maximum protection against UV radiation is also worth noting.

What will the probe bring you?

  • Even more stable operation
  • More accurate target identification
  • Greater accuracy
  • More stable balancing of the influence of the soil and thanks to that greater penetration through the soil
  • The coil is perfectly temperature balanced and can maintain its values in a wide thermal spectrum
  • The probe is waterproof
  • Probe cover included

The weight of the probe is 480g.

The new Detech SEF Ultimate probe designed for Fisher F5 and GoldBug metal detectors

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