Ebinger SC 900 TS gateway

CS900 TS gateway with the possibility of identifying the size of the target, simple operation and 20 levels of sensitivity settings.

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  • Reliable detection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • 20 levels of sensitivity each with 246 steps
  • Excellent sizing of the object
  • Visualization and acoustic detection
  • SCADA data exchange via RS-232 interface
  • Emergency power supply (approx. 4 h)
  • Zero risk for pregnant women, pacemaker carriers and magnetic data carriers
  • Securing access to the control unit with a key and a 4-digit PIN code
  • The price is without assembly. The price of assembly, including transport in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is CZK 5,000 with VAT

Basic information about the Ebinger SC 900 TS gateway

SC 900 TS complies with international standards (NILECJ-0601 L1-3 / IP 348 54 / IEC class 1 in accordance with CE, certifi ed Production, in accordance with ISO 9001-2000) . The gateway offers high performance and sensitivity: its VLF (very low frequency) technology is reliable in the detection of metals and alloys. Operation and handling are very easy and convenient. The gate can be used immediately after installation. The electronics are calibrated using special automatic functions. All production and assembly takes place at the Ebinger parent plant in the GDR

Ebinger walk-through metal detector

Mode of operation

With the C 900 TS it is a continuous metal detector. Comes with expanded detection and identification capabilities. The detector consists of horizontal and vertical surfaces where metal objects in nine different detection zones can be effectively identified . Each zone can be set separately (20 levels) and the sensitivity range has 246 individual steps. The alarm is indicated by an acoustic signal and a visual signal. The zones accurately identify the position of the object on the body. Which greatly simplifies the work of security.

The predefined automatic programs SC 900 TS meet the requirements in practice and in most cases are completely sufficient. However, the gateway can be easily reprogrammed and its settings can be changed if it is a specific requirement. All changes will be immediately displayed on the LCD.

Construction elements

Thanks to its compact design, the SC 900 TS walk-through metal detector is easy to transport. Installation does not take longer than 15 minutes. The SC 900 TS is equipped with an alarm counter, the pass counter (visible / invisible) has an automatic fault indication. The control panel is lockable and additionally protected by a PIN code.

In addition, the gateway is equipped with additional ports for connecting a television circuit (CCTV and SCADA data communications. Individual settings can then be made from a connected computer (software not included). For outdoor use, we recommend using the SC 900 TS-WP gateway version. surcharge for waterproof design.

Scope of delivery

Pass-through detector SC 900 TS
Power and sync cables
Assembly tools
Instructions for use in the Czech language

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