Garrett Pro Pointer AT metal detection detector

The new waterproof Garrett Pro Pointer At metal detector

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Garrett metal detector for At pointer

The new waterproof Garrett Pro Pointer At metal detector. In shape, the detector resembles the original search engine, which remains in production for searchers who will be looking for a cheaper model without the possibility of immersion in water. But the new Pro Pointer AT is much more advanced in many ways. The detector will be available during April, the estimated price is

New key features

  • The possibility of immersion up to 3 meters will be appreciated by those seekers who are engaged in wading.
  • The detector now has the ability to set the sensitivity in three levels, for better detection of the smallest targets. In addition, a silent vibration mode.
  • A quick push of a button will fine-tune local conditions, but it will also help you narrow down the space by accurately marking a large metal target.

Important improvements

  • Alarm - after five minutes, when the finder stays on, it will start issuing a regular warning signal
  • Automatic shut-off - after 60 minutes when the finder emits a warning signal, it shuts itself off to save battery power.
  • Easy control of all functions with one button
  • Scale on the side of the pinpoint for a better estimate of the depth of the object
  • Easy control of the pinpointer even in gloves

Garrett metal detector for pointer at

Technical specifications

Detector name: Garrett Pro-Pointer® AT
Operating temperatures: -20 ° C to 54 ° C
Operating frequency: 11.5 kHz
Waterproof: Maximum depth 10 feet (3 m); IP 68
Automatic or manual retuning
Indication: Proportional audio / vibration
Dimensions: Length: 22.9 cm, width 3.8 cm tapering to 2.2 cm
Weight: 0.2 kg
Battery: 9V
Battery life: Alkaline: 30 hours, Rechargeable: 8 hours.
Warranty: 2 years

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