C.Scope SGA 03 signal generator

Signal generator SGA 0.3W designed for all locators of engineering networks C.Scope

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C.Scope SGA or SGV signal generator is an indispensable addition to C. Scope utility network locators and significantly increases the number of detected networks stored underground. As a basic model, it can be clearly recommended for the CXL3 and DXL3 models

33kHz SGA or SGV signal generator can respond to buried metal pipes or wires by "direct connection" or use simpler induction detection methods. Direct connection is used in special cases where it is necessary to find specific pipes or cables, accurately identify them and measure the depth of their placement. While the induction method makes it possible to detect metal pipes that we did not know about before.

The SGA signal generator has a power of up to 0.3 W, while the SGV signal generator boasts in its class 1W POWER OUTPUT ability to search over longer distances. The SGV signal generator has four POWER level setting positions, so you have control over how much power you use and when. The SGA signal generator allows you to switch between high and low power levels.

SGA and SGV offer a choice between pulse and continuous output signal. In case of strong interference, switch to pulse mode and you can search. The SGA and SGV signal generators have a clear audible output signal indicating that they are in operation, as well as a built-in "mute" function.

The SGV has a clear liquid crystal display divided into segments according to individual functions. The display also shows the status of the battery, so you will always know exactly what its life is. Stylish, robust, water and dust resistant and at the same time light construction, it is built according to the IP65 standard, which provides the signal generator with the highest quality standard.

The spacious, easy-to-open, integrated accessory case can be used not only for standard accessories, but also for a number of optional accessories (signal pliers, probes, signal injector).

Four standard batteries have a long life. No need to recharge expensive rechargeable batteries the day before.


• Long battery life
• Industry standard transmission frequency 33kHz
• Traditional pulse signal output plus continuous signal output for fast tracking and depth measurement
• Integrated tray accessory that holds all the most common accessories
• Extra long auxiliary grounding as standard
• Extremely robust and weatherproof design


Part Nos : ZCSSGA-33G .
SGA output power : Switching between two modes high / low max. 0.3 Watts.
Dimensions : 360 x 180 x 230mm
Weight: 3.4kg including all accessories, 2.0kg generator only ..
Batteries : 4 x D (LR20) alkaline batteries. Lifespan up to 30 hours at a temperature of 20ºC. Possibility to use rechargeable batteries
Working temperature : -20ºC to + 50ºC
IP : IP65
Approved: CE, EN300-330, EN301-489
Warranty : 24 months

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