Success ATP-434 water leak detector

Liquid leak detector and utility locator in one device!

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A unique locator that combines two functions: search for utilities and leaks. The device has a graphical display and stores 30 signals. With this device you can search for routes from live cables and pipes with cathodic protection, as well as, thanks to the passive mode, metal networks.

  • Detection of water leakage from pipes: Receiver АP-027 + sensitive acoustic sensor АD-227.
  • Visualization of acoustic sensor results with the possibility of filtering unwanted frequencies of background sounds.
  • Storage of 30 signal levels with graphical display.
  • Graphical visualization (moving graph) of sequence measurements to determine the maximum and minimum signal levels.
  • Protection against accidental reception of strong acoustic noise.
  • Intuitive detector control.
  • Frequency range bandwidth selection.
  • Water leak detection depth up to 6 m.

Liquid leak locator etc. 434

Trace mode

  • Receiver АP-027 + electromagnetic sensor EMD-247.
  • Detection distance up to 50 m.
  • Filters: 50 (60), 100 (120), 512, 1024, 8192, 32768 Hz or "broadband".
  • Operation with headphones.
  • Operation without headphones.

The receiver lasts for at least 20 hours without recharging and replacing the batteries (4x AA).
High sensitivity. Gain up to 100 dB!

The set consists of

  • Receiver АP-027
  • Electromagnetic sensor EMD-247
  • Sensitive acoustic sensor АD-227
  • Headphones
  • Charger
  • Batteries

Liquid leak detector and utility network locator ATP 434
You can download the product sheet in full resolution and pdf format by double-clicking on the image above.

You can download the Technoac catalog in pdf format (4MB) here: Catalog of engineering network locators and water leak detectors Technoac 2016 or by double-clicking on the image.

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Introduction of the device.


Device control.


Possibilities of further use.

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