History hunters - mystery on 23.5.2024

Categories: Nálezy v ČR a SR - záhada dne

Those who remember may remember a TV competition, the name of which escaped me, where the purpose of various objects was guessed. This find from 2014 would probably belong there, that is until we find out it's a pretty small thing thanks to the attached dime.

Link to the object: what it could be | LovecPokladu.cz

You can post your opinions in the chat, but it would be just as good to do a classification for the items straight away. If you have a link to a similar sculpture from somewhere on the web or from literature be sure to add it to the chat as well.

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Nebyl to Máro KUFR s Pavlem Zedníčkem? :-D

Byl to Kufr a jako pamětník pamatuji ještě 6 ran do klobouku a 10 stupňů ke zlaté s Přemkem Podlahou ;-)

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