Archeo LP 2010

Searching with metal detectors is a hobby that unites people of many professions and ages around the world. If such a detector with a detector walks for a long time, it often reaches a state where the findings themselves become less significant.

What remains is above all the joy of searching for history as such, simply of discovering. Archeo LP 2010 is an association of just such searchers. Simply people for whom the main thing is to discover a long-forgotten history.

For such searchers, cooperation with professional experts is a matter of course. They also want to take part in the research themselves, although it is usually just a simple rescue collection using metal detectors. There are several civic associations such as Archeo LP 2010 in the Czech Republic. We ourselves contributed to the creation of several. We will continue to strive for the understanding of our hobby of searching with detectors to be understood by society as more than a beneficial cooperation of amateurs and professionals with a society-wide reach. As was the case at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, when such cooperation was a matter of course and there were groups of willing amateurs around every professional archaeologist. Without their hands, today's archeology would be completely different.

In the left menu you can see articles from our events. Whether it is small events or large-scale rescue research, we always treat everyone equally. In addition to events with archaeologists, we also help organize the Republic Championship in searching with metal detectors or contribute to the further professional education of our members.

Archeo LP 2010

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